The Importance of Shredders at Home!

Unlike digital documents, paper is a really easy medium to share and distribute – we all love paper, its done wonders for mankind to get us to this point. However, the risks associated with paper to individual users are massive in the modern world. Risks are everywhere, your postman happily delivers a pile of junk, as well as really important paperwork through your door almost every day, you accumulate reams of paper with your personal information on it all the time. Data on paper you might think its pretty boring, who’s going to want your junk mail from “another highstreet” lender?

Well, think about the detail in that junk. Lots of companies pre-complete forms with your basic information. You throw that in the bin. Combined that with all the other documents you’ve thrown away, someone who really wants to know about you can easily swipe it.

We even make it easier for thieves. If you recycle, and I hope you all do, you’ll likely separate out paper, plastics and glass. You may have a recycle bin that collects everything. But, your always asked to clean the waste food and ensure the bin is (within reason) clean.

This makes it a thief’s dream! You’re regularly throwing away personal bits of your life.

So, should you shred your documents. Most definitely. Unless you’ve got an intelligence agency on your tracks, and lets face it, if they were, they’d skip your bin and go straight to other aspects of your life, You should be disposing of your personal and work data safely. A home shredder is a valuable investment, that can give you peace of mind that someone isn’t swiping that personal information straight out of your recycling.

You get what you pay for. I can happily recommend the following Fellowes Powershred DS-1. While it makes a mess sometimes if it gets too close to the top – I empty when I see it at about 70% full. It does shift through everything I throw at it without stopping. 12 Months on its still going.

I’m sure you’re just as capable of reading reviews, and picking your own, but, what ever you do, invest in a little personal security at home. I’ll update you soon on other shredders after buying them for various members of the family.

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