For Sale: Ex-MOD Bunker

Praticalities aside, the idea of having my own bunker has fasinated me.

If Britain had been attacked by a nuclear bomb during the Cold War, its government would have survived by retreating to a massive, 35-acre complex buried beneath the county of Wiltshire. I call it a bunker in the headline, but it was more like a small town—large rooms linked by roads, built on the site of an abandoned quarry. Known as Burlington, it could house 4000 people and feed them all for 3 months. It was also home a broadcasting studio and hospital.

Considering the size and space, it may make for an interesting site, suggetions:

1) Film Studio: Problems: Access and movement of materials into the site

2) Massive Server Farm: Cooling and Elextricity – Big Plus – Very secure.

3) Umbrella Research base – Possibility of creating the T-Virus… a few of you might get where that was going.


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